Assisted Passages & Planning

Guidance and assistance at the passage planning stage of your voyage.

Understandably as we progress through life and purchase larger and more complex vessels one may consider that some assistance and guidance from an experienced and qualified skipper may be a sensible option.

In the UK one of the favourite trips is either from York down the Ouse & Humber to Hull Marina or this trip in reverse ending upon the tranquil non-tidal and lovely Ouse above Naburn Lock.

You may also be planning an adventure out into the North Sea to travel North or South to one of the reasonably close East Coast destinations.

Or maybe even following your decision to enjoy your boat in the warmer climes of Southern Europe and you want to plan and execute this fantastic and adventurous journey to the Sun?

We can help. We have experienced and qualified skippers for vessels up to 24 metres who can provide a guiding presence on board during the trip or as a consultant at the passage planning stage.

All destinations require, under SOLAS, a passage plan for your trip. Who really would even attempt sea journeys without one!