Day Skipper Theory Course Online

The RYA defines the Day Skipper / Watch leader syllabus. It includes a comprehensive introduction to chart work, navigation, meteorology and seamanship for those ready to take the next step in their skippering journey and start making decisions onboard.

Our courses have been designed to work on any device, allowing you to study when and where you want. You will use charts and tools when working on some modules, so space to work will be required. Both tablets and desktop devices allow you to view the content full-screen, removing those pesky distractions and allowing you to focus on the session.

Course Modules

The course is broken into modules designed to introduce and develop the skills & knowledge required. Each one contains bite-sized sessions allowing you to jump in and out of the module as and when time permits.

Chart familiarisation

Learn to read, interpret & use paper and electronic charts for navigation.

Position Fixing

Learn to read, interpret & use paper and electronic charts for navigation.

Tidal Heights

Learn to calculate how deep the water will be anywhere on a chart.

Plotting Positions

Learn how to plot positions on a chart using tide, boat speed & wind.

Buoyage & Pilotage

Learn how to get in and out of a harbour safely, including pilotage, buoys and buoyage.

Collision regulations

Learn the rules, how to interpret them and what to do when crossing another vessel


Learn some terminology and best practices to support your practical learning.


Learn about the safety equipment on board a typical recreational vessel & how to use it.


Learn how to find, read, interpret and monitor weather forecasts.

Marine Environment

Learn about environmental challenges & how to reduce our impact whilst on the water.

Passage Planning

Learn how to plan and safely execute a passage during daylight hours in familiar waters.

Day Skipper Assessment

The assessment consists of two papers (chart work and general) taken on completing the Day Skipper theory course.