Own Boat ICC Preparation (10-24 Metres)

The aim of this Intensive Cruising Vessel course is to teach boat handling, seamanship, pilotage and navigation up to the standards required to drive a cruising vessel safely in coastal waters with which the candidate may be familiar.

It is designed to ensure you are at the appropriate standard to sit the ICC 10-24 metre assessment.

Students should have a good knowledge of navigation and chart work to the level of Day Skipper Theory certificate and it is strongly recommended that you hold a VHF operator’s licence.

Students should be aware of the requirements of the International Certificate of Competence (please download the ICC application for more information).

This course will test knowledge and ability in both theory and practical boat handling to the standard required to pass the ICC 10-24 metre (Powerboat).

Note: To operate craft on the inland waterways of Europe you will also require a CEVNI test to have your ICC endorsed for Inland Waterways.

The areas covered in the course:

  • Safety and the Skipper’s responsibilities
  • Preparation & Passage Planning
  • Boat handling in confined areas and at sea
  • Navigation & awareness of electronics
  • Buoyage
  • MOB Procedures
  • IRPCS including Navigation lights
  • Pilotage
  • Emergency procedures including Helicopter Rescue
  • Securing to a mooring buoy
  • Anchoring


(This is a two-day course and students must be 17 or older.)